How to Make a Hanging Candle Holder

How to Make a Hanging Candle Holder
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If you love candles, and you think you’ve seen it all, try one of these fun hanging candle crafts. They’re extremely easy to make and you’ve probably never seen anything like it. Start with several votives in small, round, glass containers. You’ll also need brass craft rings for this project, and some length of golden chain with small links.

This craft is easiest when you hang it while creating it. Start by screwing a “C” hook into the ceiling where the candle creation will hang. Use a round ring in the end of the golden chain to hang onto the “C” hook. If the chain you’re using does not have this round ring you can purchase two of them at a craft store to do this project.

When the ring is on one end of the chain hook it onto the “C” hook. Allow 12″ of chain to dangle then place a 4″ craft ring in that area. It’s a good idea to count how many links are between the “O” ring and the 4″ craft ring so that each craft ring you add will be in proportion to the others. Hold the craft ring in place, in one hand, while wrapping the chain around and around the craft ring. Do this by going up and over the ring, then down through the center of the ring. Go up and over the ring again, then back down through the center, until the entire ring is covered in chain. Check to see if the votive, with holder, will be held securely by the first craft ring. If the craft ring is too large, cover it with chain one more time.

Count the links and allow that many before encircling another of the 4″ craft rings. Go up and over, then down, all the way around the craft ring. Continue doing this, then adding more length, then add another craft ring, until you have the desired length. Make sure the chain hangs down, between each craft ring, always on the same side.

After you’ve added the last craft ring go ahead as if you will be counting the links to add another length of chain, but this time, pull the chain across the underside of the center of the last ring, then back up towards the previous craft ring. Continue pulling the chain upwards until it is the length of the entire set. Set an “O” ring in the last link and hang it in the “C” hook in the ceiling.

Use small wire pieces to keep the last chain length connected to the craft rings. At each craft ring choose one link that is around the craft ring and wire it to one link in the length of chain. Now you should have what looks like two lengths of chain with several craft rings, equally spaced, up and down the chain lengths. Settle a votive, with glass holder, onto each ring. The set can be as long or short as you want. In addition, you can leave quite a lot of chain lengths from ceiling to first craft ring. It all depends upon how you wish to make your hanger.

Use various sizes of craft rings to make the set more unique. Start with the 4″ craft ring, then add a 6″ ring, and so on until you have a pyramid-shaped candle hanger that gets larger as it goes towards the floor. You’ll have to use larger and larger glass candle holders as your rings get larger.

The hanging candle holders can be made very tiny to hold tea lights or huge to hold bigger candles. The candle hanger keeps the flames away from flammable things around the house. Make sure you don’t have any burning candles in the hanger when children come over.


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