6 Ways to Stop Over-Communicating

6 Ways to Stop Over-Communicating
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Many men have told me that women have a tendency to over-communicate and it drives them absolutely nuts. Yes, even if a guy is into you, there’s a good chance that he’s going to get turned off if you try to contact him too much or talk a topic to death. The worst part is that so many women don’t even realize that they do it. Could you be one of them? There are several ways to stop over-communicating so you don’t drive a great guy far away from you.

6 Ways To Stop Over-Communicating With People

Don’t converse while at work

Unless there’s something important to discuss, you should avoid conversing with your guy while either of you are at work. Send a text every few hours if you must, but not talking while at work is one way to avoid smothering him with constant contact.

Don’t talk when you’re angry

When you’re angry and try to talk to each other, much of the time all you’re getting accomplished is making the situation worse. Both of you continue to talk and bicker, make things worse and say things you don’t mean. When I get upset at a guy I’m dating, I usually need a breather from him for an hour or two so I can clear my head. Try the same approach. Instead of trying to talk to each other at that moment, separate yourselves for a few until you calm down.

Pick your battles

If you keep communicating with your guy about every little thing you get angry about, he’s not going to take you seriously when something really important comes up. The old adage to pick your battles really is true. Bring up the big things and let the little insignificant things slide.

Pick up the phone when you want a conversation

Several guys have told me that one of the most annoying things women do is try to have a conversation back and forth via text. It can be a big inconvenience as well as a waste of time. If you want to talk with your guy about something, either ask him to call or pick up the phone yourself.

Avoid talking when you’re out with friends

Have you ever been out with friends and looked around to see all of them sitting on their phones? If you’re out with people, concentrate on those you’re with instead of others who aren’t even around. Tell your guy you’re busy and that you’ll get back to him later. If he’s out with friends, let him have his space and talk to him when he gets home.

Stop nagging him about everything (or the same topics)

The same way arguing with your guy about everything is going to make him not take you seriously when you are genuinely upset about something big, the same can be said for nagging him about everything or repeatedly getting on him about the same topics. Nagging a guy is the least likely way to get him to do something and the best way to get him to tune you out. It’s one huge way to create a breakdown in communication.

Many women think the way to get their point across is to keep trying to drill it in. Some also over-communicate when they’re angry or upset while others just do it in general. You really have to be honest with yourself about how often you do one of the aforementioned. Letting him contact you first more often than not is certainly not a bad thing, even if you’ve been dating for a while.


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