Sweet Romantic Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day

Sweet Romantic Things You Can Do on Valentine’s Day
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Are you looking for ideas on things you can do on Valentine’s Day for that special someone in your life? Well, allow me to offer you some ideas on things you can do. There are many sweet things you can do and you don’t have to go out and spend a fortune to do them. Most of the things in this article are free to do. Sometimes it is the smallest things that means the most. So here goes..

Here are 6 romantic things you can do:

Dedicate a Song

One thing you can do is call the radio station your love one listens to on the way to work or on the way home from work and dedicate a song to them. It could be y’alls song as a couple, or it could be a song that says how you feel about her.

Write a Sweet Note

If you get up before your lover, write a sweet note and put it on the pillow next to your loved one. You can prepare the note ahead of time and put it there on Valentine’s Day morning. You can also place it there for your lover to find that night when they go to bed.

Mirror Note

Use lipstick and write a love note on the bathroom mirror. Draw a heart and balloons if the mirror is big enough.

Create a Trail

Use post it notes to create a trail through the house. Allow the trail to end in the bedroom where candles are lit and romantic music is playing. When you create the post it notes, write clues that lead to another part of the house and then so on until it reaches the bedroom.

Dance Under the Stars

Take a CD player or some type of music player outside. Turn on romantic music and ask your lover to dance with you. Dance to a few different songs. This can be really sweet and romantic. On the other hand, if it is freezing cold, you might want to share the dance inside the house.

Send a Balloon and Flower to Work

If your lover has to work on Valentine’s Day, it would be sweet to send a balloon and flower to the person’s work. You don’t have to go out and buy a dozen of roses and five balloons, just a simple balloon and flower will do.


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