Picking the Right Person to Marry — How to Know When He/She Is “The One”

Picking the Right Person to Marry — How to Know When He/She Is “The One”
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I used to always wonder if I would ever get married. The initial few months of all my relationships, often referred to as the honeymoon phase, would be amazing and I would be completely drawn to the individual. It would be after that “blissful” phase when the topic of commitment came up and I would literally want to vomit. Then I would stress out thinking, do I really want to commit to this person? It would be at that point where I would realize that the fact that I am thinking so hard about it means he is not the one for me. Shouldn’t you just know?

Well, you should just know! I realized this after meeting my fiance. With him there was no thought process involved — I just knew he was the one. In fact, we were engaged in less than a year of meeting each other. For someone who would wonder if she will ever get married, I really messed with everyone’s heads.

After being engaged for almost a year, my decision to marry my fiance becomes stronger and stronger as time progresses. People who know us always ask, “Anyone who sees you two can see how in love you both are. Is there any advice you can give those who are looking for ‘the one?” Absolutely! Marry your best friend! That’s all. Simple. There is not thinking required in that. My fiance and I have an amazing relationship because we are each others’ best friends. I love it. Of course, we have our arguments, share an awesome romantic connection, and get butterflies (still) when we see each other, but what keeps the flame alive is the fact that I know I can kick it on a couch, wearing my Snuggie with him besides me watching “The Bachelor” and have the best night.

When you think of it, this is the person you will be spending your entire life with, wouldn’t you want to marry your closest friend? Don’t get me wrong, physical attraction is a huge component to how you initially physically connect to your partner, but eventually that does not remain as important as being able to connect on deeper levels. My fiance and I often have life talks, share silly jokes, discuss our dreams, goals, how we are feeling, our insecurities, if someone has hurt us, and so on. I love the person he is and he never fails to amaze me. I learn something new about him everyday.

I guess the saying “when you know, you know” is very true. Don’t make the mistake of rushing into something that does not feel right. Take your time and get to know the person who you are romantically involved with. If you get that feeling that he or she is your best friend, then you know that you cannot go wrong. It’s the recipe to success.


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